Dragon Ball Super Episode 91 (Sub)

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 91 released! You are now Watching Dragon Ball Super Episode 91 online.


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  • Uzumaki Naruto i miss u

    what live show are we actually watching now i dont understand what part of dragon ball is this one showing live now?

    • Marius Grecu

      i’m wondering as well… i don’t remember this parts even if i watched the entire series….

  • asdf

    this is from the movie

  • Frank Barrie

    It’s in Dragon Ball Z Raging Blast 2 I believe, but it’s a remake of an old TV special…however I didn’t know there was an english dub….this my favorite DBZ movie

  • Prasad

    countdown’s over !!

  • Keoma Grant

    yea its over

  • prasad

    i was awake “The WHOLE night” please play it

  • Luxion

    Why won’t the video play all the way through?

  • MoRiellyMoProblems

    Did Brianne just straight up murder those two people?

    • Akaalis Aristorenas

      She’s supa thick… !!

      • Dk

        Yeah good luck super saiyan vegeta!

      • fallacies

        She transforms into a fatgirl

    • LegendaryUub

      that scene was so lame!

  • napoleonic sp007rz


    now it maxed at 380p? pathetic.

    • bigcountry

      I have hd not sure what you mean.

      • napoleonic sp007rz

        now it’s changed to ‘live’ version from youtube, but the non youtube videos are all limited to 380p, check the older episodes.

  • Rias Gremory

    always fking Buu

    • Kira Akito

      Thanks for the follow

  • rapoz

    if buu cant enter the tournament they are all screwed

    • cj

      they are going to bring back friza

      • Lotto

        That’s a funny way to spell Yamcha.

        • cj

          no it has been confirmed friza will be back.

          • Lotto

            Aww, that’s kinda dumb but whatever. I wonder if that’ll be team captain Gohan’s call.

          • cj

            idk all i know if that goku is going to get baba ro give friza a 24 hour rebirth like goku got in the buu saga

          • Ĵîñkêz

            i’m kind of getting annoyed that frieza keeps coming back but none of the old dbz enemies are

          • Pure Shqiptar

            You bitch as spoiler. Kys.

      • Piyush Badgujar

        https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/125b3520d33d95c063f320327678a359f6c7b6bd65857e8cf327b0b2518584f9.jpg They can’t keep Buu.. reason being he is 500 million years old. older than all Gods. And he is actually indestructible. So they showed him sleeping to stay away from the tournament

        • Scott Baker✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

          goku killed buu aka kid buu fat buu is not original buu fat buu is byproduct of absorbing the fat kai.

        • Kevin

          Also Buu could literally start absorbing people and get way too OP imagine if he somehow absorb Hit or that Broly girl character or start turning everybody into candy.

          My guess is they have no idea how to correctly use Buu without making him too weak or too OP so they decided to renplace him with…


          They will renplace him with Golden Frieza which is a fair trade to be honest.

        • LegendaryUub

          yup. Buu is too indestructible and overpowered. He could literally transform all of them into candy in seconds xD.
          with Buu all the tension and drama for this tournament has gone, so they probably wanna make things more spicy a bit.

  • Dk

    I loved this episode more than the previous one.Cant wait for the next episode super saiyans.Just wish universe 10 bring goku black back.They currently look like a bunch of cheerleaders.

    • Dante Squid Corbett

      So Old Trunks was from Universe 10? Or Black goku killed all the gods and his last stop was in Uni 7 during that fight in their arc

      • Dk

        The second one.Black Goku killed all Gods and his prolly last stop was Uni 7

      • Jeremy Brandon Worrall

        Black Arc was universe 7. It started in Uni 7 before Zamasu did the round between the universes with Black until returning back to Universe 7

  • True Ogre

    Just Watch Goku will call Frieza from hell to help them fight in tournament :3

  • Boris F

    They will bring Brooly back, for sure. and probably Freeza. And the Universe 7 should also have their version of Hit, amaright?

    • Matthew Carrasco

      Broly is non canon, that’d be impossible.

    • Kevin

      Frieza is pretty much confirmed and as for Broly “she” is from U6 and it’s not Broly but merely a character that seem to have his power, any broly fan and brolytard should be extremely happy they even going to show a character that look like Broly in a canon episode.

  • MrSingle89

    who do you think is going to be first to get knocked ou in the tournament? I say all of those protein drinking heads are 1st to go.

    • Dk

      Seems like it!

      • Scott Baker✓ᵛᵉʳᶦᶠᶦᵉᵈ ᵃᶜᶜᵒᵘᶰᵗ

        two many girls roshi

        • Dk


  • Arpit Agarwal

    damn no. I was actually looking forward to android 18 fighting. why are they quitting fuckk.

  • Matthew Carrasco

    Get ready for filler episodes. ZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    • Makdavian

      mah nigga…this is cannon and there aint no main manga to diverze from and hence no filler possible.

      • Zardock

        First of all, there are actually filler episodes in DBS, such as the magic water arc and Arale.

        Second, plenty of DBS episodes have padding up the ass and are hence considered filler by tons of people. Look at Black Goku arc to see the worst example of this

        BUT, these ones are not filler. The beginning of the recruitment arc had excessive filler, but the last couple have been decent now.

    • Kevin

      There is no such thing as filler since DBS anime make it’s own canon it doesn’t merely follow the manga and try to copy it as DB and DBZ did so it’s not filler no matter how retarded and bad the episodes can possibly get.

      • Klyce

        You might as well call them filler. There are plenty of episodes where nothing of consequence actually happens, but they’ll throw in one minor event just to say the episode wasn’t meaningless. Look at Black Goku arc episodes for several examples of this. Such as the one Bra/Bulla? was born, obviously that was important, but the rest of the episode was completely pointless. Add almost all the episodes of Pilaf to this category.

      • fallacies

        This episode was filler.

        The point of this arc is for us to watch universes battle. Every episode where that doesn’t happen is a filler.

        But if we agree to say interesting and necessary training/strategy/etc scenes are OK, there are still too many scenes that are both unnecessary & long. Some of these scenes could be done in 5-30 seconds, but are stretched to nearly 5 minutes.

        While i figured today wouldnt include action from the tourney, i thought, at the very least, it would end with all the universes at the tourney stage, finalizing strategies, egotistical boasting and listening to the rules again while all the fighters were on the stage…

        But i fear that wont even happen next week. At the current declining rate, tourney wont start til Winter. The time in these episodes slow down more than the hyperbolic time chamber.

        Unfortunately, they are stretching and milking these episodes as much as they possibly can; trying to get as much money out of this as they can. I don’t blame them for trying to cash up, but they can find more interesting ways to fill an episode.

        Toonami And whoever else are buying in now and dubbing for their perspective audiences, so every episode means more dollars… got it. But at least give us more for those dollars.

        Although I’m streaming for free now, No doubt that I’ll be watching dubbed Toonami version one day, and sharing it with my God son(s), and one day, my kids.

        If i were paying out-of-pocket, per episode, id feel cheated & swindled.

  • dead pool

    wow what a fucking crap episode

  • mosab

    WHEN will 1080 quality be realeased

  • Zardock

    This and last episode are what the rest of the recruitment arc should have been… not spending all of it on useless filler villains and ‘meeting’ characters we’ve already seen before and wondering if they’ll help Goku (no shit they will).

  • L

    Just put Buu in the Room of Spirit and Time for 4 hours(2 months)

    • Dk


  • Die

    DBS is such a disaster and a shame to DB & DBZ. It is too childish, there is never a treath and even the universe being at stake doesn’t feel like a treath and I can’t sense the tension at all. DBZ was all about relentless fights, high stakes, survival and being on edge / near death at all times. You could clearly see and feel the emotions in DBZ, you could feel what was at stake. They were more serious and fights were bloodier. Now it’s just clown fiesta with stupid characters like brianne and toppo. There is no blood, no arms or legs mutilating, no stress, no real danger, no seriousness nothing. DBS should have never happened. There is no character development, we don’t get to see how goku and vegeta becomes strong. It used to be about extreme training and a dead end situation where they had to get stronger or die.

    • Dk

      I feel you! DBZ seemed serious stuff.However there are some moments and some episodes in DB Super which are really well done.Episode 88 for one seemed perfectly done with Piccolo training Gohan.I also loved SSj2 Goku vs SSj2 Future Trunks though the fight could have been longer and Future Trunks shouldn’t have been given SS Rage cheatcode transformation.My ideal scenario would have been Zamasu being powerful than SS2 future trunks with trunks combining his power stressed form and super saiyan 2 form to beat zamasu.That would have been cool and cooler if it replaced the super saiyan 2 form completely since a power stressed super saiyan 2 becomes unique and easily recognized in its own way.

    • Critique

      Do you think the Goku Black saga was just there for coincidence? no, now there are 2 zen oh sama’s, and if you watch the intro to this it shows one zen o sama blue and one red (red vs evil) this tournament is going to cause a huge conflict amongst the gods and since no one can rival zen o sama they bring in the only thing that can and thats himself. nothing is a coincidence.. things are developing.. conflict is brewing. there are more clues in the intro that show proof of this but you can analyse it yourself and see the differences when showing 2 instances of character groups.

      • fallacies

        You all get so offended by the suggestion of filler…
        Even if your prediction is true, it does not escape all the filler scenes…

        No1 wants to watch roshi’s perve training, no1 wants to watch zen o samas spy on the other universes when the tourny should have started already.

        The only good filler scenes are yamcha preparing for his invite, and its cuz they are funny.

        There are way too many filler/pointless scenes that eat up the episodes. If they dont want to rush into the tourny, show more training… show then learning double and triple team techniques…

        Learn some new attacks and blasts… tired of spirit bombs and meha mehas every single battle.

        They can do plenty to keep people entetained while stretching out the episodes. However, they do a terrible job… i would dare suggest that these are worse than Z’s 2-3 episode power-ups and transformations.

        • Team X2

          meh ya just dont get it too bad fuckos

  • Pol F

    First Buu, now Krillin and No.18? What is this? I want my golden frieza and perfect golden god cell now kthxbai.

  • Simon

    1 why would Brianne transform from wifumaterial to that ugly fuck
    2 i still don’t get why goku doesn’t use instant transmission to get to buu immediately

    • sickwitit

      1 who else is roshi gonna fight?
      2 he has to sense his energy, buu is sleep so he probably cant sense it.

      • Zach

        Mr Satan called him. Buu is always with Mr. Satan. Buu is at Mr Satan’s house, probably on the couch, sleeping.

  • Vishnu Nair

    only if broly could join the fight!

  • Poo

    Y don’t they put Buu in the Hyper Bolic Time Chamber and wait for 2 months?

    • CiscotheSoto

      Because they’re stupid and only think about using the Time Chamber for training instead of anything else.

    • Reuben Cameron

      Or how about using the time chamber to get the Elder Kai to unlock Goku’s potential.

  • Sean Marlisa

    so we cant upload pictures anymore on disqus?

  • Tychus

    8:06 Mr. Popo!!!

  • napoleonic sp007rz

    seriously, anyone else missing the 720p and 1080p videos since the last few days?

  • older fan

    Cheesy and ridiculous but I enjoyed the use they gave the dragonball (not z ) characters Puar and to a lesser extent Oolong. Classic dragonball by by Akira even if it is goofy. As for the girl transforming into a heavyweight lovey-dubby champion of justice…hello sailor moon! I am glad to see the different universes being shown, they are more than just tournament fighters Universe 7 has to defeat. It gives them character in my opinion and expands the DB universe beyond Universe 7.

    I also question why they don’t use the time chamber for Buu or Unlocking potential too, but if Vegeta is using it and he ends up breaking it…well there is a convenient way to destroy that hope. On the bright side unlocking potential for Saiyans is best done during battles with high stakes so I hope that’s where new things happen.

    Upon looking up info. for the time chamber on Dragonball Wiki 1 hour is approximately 15 days, 5 hours, 14 minutes. If that is true then 4 hours and ten minutes would only be about 2 months to sleep. So, why can’t they put him in it then? Instant transmission from Hercule’s house with Buu in tow to the chamber would give them time for him to sleep easily. Though, the next question would be could they get him to the tournament on time? How far away is the tournament for Whis to travel or for Goku to sense strong opponents? Maybe these wouldn’t work after all, I don’t know.

    And then for Goku having potential unlocked, that could still be done easily, but l wonder if he would change his mind on that “being helped” because he prefers to work for through heavier training than sitting cross legged four a day. Clearly he is impatient so that would make it more difficult for him.